Our merino chunky knitted circle cushion comes in three sizes; small medium and large. Please choose a colour from the colour charts in the images.



*Small - 8"

*Medium - 12"

*Large - 16"

Merino Chunky Knitted Circle Cushion

  • All our products are luxurious and very delicate. Please take care of your cushion and ideally use for decorative purposes. If you would like your cushion for day to day use, then extra care is needed.

    Excessive use will make the cushion look worn much quicker. Merino wool will naturally pill, this is not a defect. When the fibres rub together this causes friction which in time will strengthen your cushion. Pilling occurs when small groups of fibres break and tangle together in small knots - just trim or pull off the fibres & smooth the area back down.

    Stroke your cushion in the way the fibres are knitted, this will help to keep it looking new and reduce the amount of pilling. Merino wool is stain resistant but avoid spilling wine or coffee on your cushion. They must be hand washed and not put in a washing machine or dryer. You can spot clean the affected area.

  • All our products are hand made using 100% merino wool. Merino wool is a natural material which comes from the Merino sheep with amazing properties. The fibres are softer, finer, more sensitive and the quality is incomparable to any other. Due to it's thin fibres, merino wool does not retain any odours & as bacteria cannot find a solid surface to grow on it is also anti-microbial.


    Merino wool is super soft, itch free & hypoallergenic making it perfect for people with sensitive skin and allergies. The wool is breathable and great for all year round as it regulates body temperature meaning it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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