• Our luxury merino chunky knitted bed runners are offered in a range of colours. All bed runners are beautifully handmade with super soft 100% merino wool.  If you can't decide on a colour or pattern, head to our gallery for some inspiration.


    The width of the bed runner is 22" and the length will depend on the size of your bed with a drape of 7.5" each side.

    Merino Chunky Knitted Bed Runner


    All our products are luxurious and very delicate. Please take care of your bed runner and ideally use for decorative purposes. If you would like your bed runner for day to day use, extra care is needed.

    Excessive use will make the bed runner look worn much quicker. Merino wool will naturally pill, this is not a defect. When the fibres rub together this causes friction which in time will strengthen your bed runner. Pilling occurs when small groups of fibres break and tangle together in small knots - just trim or pull off the fibres & smooth the area back down.

    Stroke the bed runner in the way the fibres are knitted in, this will help to keep it looking new and reduce the amount of pilling. Give your blanket a gentle shake to air it out and to rid of any bits attached to your blanket. Merino wool is stain resistant but avoid spilling wine or coffee on your blankets. They must be hand washed and not put in a washing machine or dryer. You can spot clean the affected area or send to a dry cleaner.