About Me


My name’s Lucy, I'm from Manchester but I’ve lived in Essex for the past two years. Since living here I’ve come to find how beautiful Essex is with so many hidden gems but there will always be a place in my heart for Manchester. I know you have one burning question on your mind so to put you out of your misery… I’m a red.


Growing up I was always dipping in and out of arts and crafts. My mum has been crafting since the day I can remember from making cards, to drawing, parchment, cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, painting, portraits, you name it she’s done it & is now a talented artist and surface pattern designer.

She’s been a big inspiration to me and I’ve always joined in throughout my childhood with whatever she was creating but my only problem was that I never managed to stick to anything.


I’ve always loved knitting, but I could just never finish a project. I’d always get bored and give up because it was taking too long to complete or move on to the next thing without finishing the last. Then I came across chunky knitting. Giant wool, no needles required, super soft chunky wool and I could create a giant blanket quicker than a normal sized scarf, what more could I want! In all honesty, I absolutely loved it and fell in love with chunky knitted everything. I’ve found it so therapeutic, from unwinding the wool to creating luxury statement pieces and I get a sense of pride knowing they will be displayed in a new forever home. ​

Thank you so much for visiting my site, I hope you find your perfect luxury piece. Feel free to reach out to ask me anything, I’m more than happy to create custom pieces. See my contact details below for my Instagram account to browse my other creations.

All the best, Luce x